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APA Paper: Empathy, the Family, and the Core of Social Justice
This is the paper from Dr. Childress and Dorcy Pruter presented to the American Psychological Association annual convention, 8/8/19 in Chicago.

Parental Alienation Symposium 4-29-17
This is the flyer for the Parental Alienation Symposium to be held 4/29/17 in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Childress offers seminars and trainings for parents, teachers, and professionals in following topic areas:
Parental Alienation Dynamics
Parental Alienation Dynamics represents a severe form of psychopathology within a family that becomes evident during divorce and family dissolution.  The dynamics of parental alienation are driven by a Personality Disorder in one of the parents.  A Parental Alienation Dynamic differs in severity and kind from "normal-range" parental conflict and negative parental influence on the child, and the rejection of one parent by the child is NOT an expression of "normal-range" parent-child conflict.  
Dr. Childress offers seminars and consultation for legal and mental health professionals, and for targeted parents, regarding the assessment and treatment of Parental Alienation Dynamics.  This pdf describes the Parental Alienation Dynamics seminars offered by Dr. Childress.

Parenting Seminars
The past 25 years have witnessed tremendous scientific advances in the understanding of brain neuro-development during childhood.  Based on this scientific understanding, we now have the knowledge and ability to successfully achieve healthy child emotional, social, and psychological development.  We can now achieve more than merely obedient children, we can achieve cooperative children.
Dr. Childress provides Parenting Seminars regarding the latest scientific advances in understanding brain development in childhood, and the implications for parenting.  In these seminars, Dr. Childress describes the three primary brain systems involved in child development, 1) the Authority System, 2) the Social Dialogue System, and 3) the Psychological Connection system, and how parents can simply and effective use each of these systems to achieve their goals and resolve problems in behavior and emotional development with their children.  This pdf describes the Parenting Seminars offered by Dr. Childress.

Professional Seminars in Neuro-Developmental Child Psychotherapy
Behaviorism is no longer an appropriate treatment paradigm for child psychotherapy.
The scientific research on brain neuro-development during childhood is revolutionizing child psychotherapy, particularly around the importance and functioning of relationship and communication systems. Based on the scientific research regarding brain neuro-development during childhood, effective psychotherapeutic treatments are available for ADHD, Oppositional-Defiant Disorder, affect regulation dysfunctions involving anger modulation problems (often diagnosed in children as Bipolar Disorder or depression), school related behavioral and motivational problems, adolescent behavioral, emotional, and motivational problems, and attachment related problems during childhood.
A professional understanding of the scientific research on brain neuro-development during childhood is essential to competent professional practice of child psychotherapy. So vital is the scientific research on brain neuro-development during childhood to the practice of child psychotherapy, that child psychotherapists are either knowledgeable in the scientific research on brain neuro-development during childhood and the application of this scientific research to child psychotherapy, or they are practicing beyond the boundaries of their competence. 
Behaviorist interventions are not sufficient for professional competence. Behaviorist interventions are actually not always supportive of healthy child development and would be contra-indicated in a variety of circumstances. Behaviorist interventions are “evidenced based” in that there is “evidence” that we can induce submissive behavior (called “compliance” or a reduction in “behavior problems” in the behaviorist literature) in most children through the application of punishment. This behaviorist approach involves the activation of dominance-submission networks within the social Authority System. However, healthy child development involves several additional brain systems besides the simple dominance-submission networks of the Authority System. In many cases, behaviorist interventions would actually interfere with healthy child development. Either the treatment plan recognizes and is integrated into the broad array of brain systems involved, including vitally important relationship-based and communication-based systems, or it is very likely to do more harm than good. 
Professional competence in child psychotherapy requires a professionally competent understanding of the scientific research on brain neuro-development during childhood. This pdf describes the seminars and trainings offered by Dr. Childress regarding the scientific research on brain neuro-development during childhood and its application to child psychotherapy.

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