These are the recommended documentation instruments for an assessment of AB-PA:

Diagnostic Checklist for Pathogenic Parenting

This instrument documents the child’s symptoms in three areas, 1) Attachment Bonding Suppression, 2) Narcissistic Personality Traits, and 3) a Persecutory Delusion.

Parenting Practices Rating Scale

This instrument documents the parenting practices of the targeted parent as either abuse-range or normal-range.

Secondary Instruments:

The Parent-Child Relationship Rating Scale

This instrument is an outcome measure collected-reported daily for the child across three primary areas of functioning, 1) Affection (Aff; attachment networks), Cooperation (Co; emotional regulation), and Social Involvement (SI; arousal and mood). The second form is a modification adding Texting as an item.

Assessment Checklist for Pathogenic Parenting

This checklist identifies constructs from attachment, family systems therapy, complex trauma, and personality disorder pathology indicating pathogenic parenting by the allied parent.

Roberts Apperception Test for Children: 2

If clinically relevant information is needed about the child’s emotional status, then I would recommend using the RATC: 2 for that information.

I don’t know why this information would be necessary, and this instrument is therefore not part of my standard assessment protocol recommendation.  However, if information about the emotional functioning of the child is needed, I would recommend use of the Roberts Apperception Test for Children to obtain this information.

Standards of Professional Practice Assessments

These are the assessment forms I apply in my review of professional mental health reports.