These are resources for attorneys and legal professionals.

Professional Consultation

Dr. Childress Vitae

This is my professional vitae.

Domains of Specialized Expertise

This is a handout describing the domains of my specialized expertise as supported by my vitae, 1) delusions and thought disorders, 2) child abuse and trauma, 3) the attachment system and attachment pathology.

Improving Diagnosis in Healthcare

This is an annotated handout of selected quotes from the report, Improving Diagnosis in Healthcare.

Healthcare-Legal Solution Diagram

This is a diagram of a Healthcare-Legal solution to court-involved family conflict

Checklist of Applied Knowledge

This is a Checklist used by Dr. Childress in his analysis and review of the mental health reports and work product of other mental health professionals:

Flying Monkey Testimony

Testimony by Dr. Childress regarding the social distribution feature and the pathology’s allies

Parent Initial Consultation Letter (Childress, 2019)

When I consult for a parent or attorney, I sometimes provide a letter confirming the content of our discussion. This is a letter confirming the initial consultation discussion I had with a parent.  If a parent comes to me for a professional consultation regarding my possible involvement, this is the content of what we discuss.

The Legal Argument Package: Forensic or Clinical Psychology

This is an essay from my blog describing the choice in legal arguments offered to the court.

Consultation Letter: Recommended Assessment Protocol

These are letters provided to attorneys regarding the recommended assessment pr0tocol. The first letter is to the attorney directly, the second letter is resource letter for the attorney written to be provided to the assessing mental health provider.

Cross-Examining Mental Health Witnesses

These are potential questions and questionnaires to be used in cross-examination of mental health witnesses.

Potential Cross-Examinati0n Questions for Mental Health Professionals (Childress, nd)

This is a set of potential cross-examination questions for a mental health professional.

Supporting Documents

This is an essay describing the pathology, its diagnosis and treatment

This is my professional consultation and recommendations for parents and their attorneys.

Reference List for AB-PA

This is the personal reference list of Dr. Childress for AB-PA.  Note the quotes from the relevant literature, reading these direct quotes is a good way for a mental health professional to become oriented to the scope of the pathology.

All mental health professionals treating this pathology should have read all of the material on this Reference list for professional competence.  Ignorance is not acceptable professional practice.

Dr. Childress Vitae

This is my professional vitae.

Domains of Specialized Expertise

This is a handout regarding my vitae support for specialized domains of professional knowledge

Dr. Childress Bio

This is a one-page bio.

Areas of Qualification

I have background in:

Psy.D. degree (advanced clinical psychology degree)

Child and family therapy (post-doctorate career)

Attachment pathology (Clinical Director; foster care)

Complex trauma and child abuse (Clinical Director; foster care)

Delusional pathology (UCLA clinical research – schizophrenia)

Family systems therapy (Pepperdine University; all forms)

Assessment protocol development for court-involved pathology (FEMA/DOJ juvenile firesetting)

Munchausen by proxy (Children’s Hospital pediatric psychologist)

Previous presentations to the national conventions of the American Psychological Association (APA) and Association of Family & Conciliation Courts (AFCC) regarding high-intensity court-involved family conflict.

PowerPoint Presentations

This is the PowerPoint handout for the Ireland seminar for legal and mental health professional

Forms for Evaluating Professional work

Curriculum Knowledge Checklist (Childress, nd)

This is a simple checklist to assess the level of professional knowledge with a mental health professional.

Necessary Knowledge Scale (Childress, 2018)

This is an instrument assessing the level of professional knowledge possessed by the mental health professional.  It is a scoreable version of the Curriculum Knowledge Checklist that can be provided to the testifying mental health prior to testimony, asking them to complete these questions prior to testimony.

Counter-Transference Scale

This is a questionnaire that could possibly be send to the testifying mental health professional prior to testimony, asking them to complete these questions prior to testimony.

Reason for Supervision Checklist

This is a checklist to identify the reason the parent is on supervised visitation.

Follow-Up Consultation Letter with Attorney (Childress, nd)

I typically follow-up my substantive conversations with an attorney by providing a letter the content of our discussion.  This is an example of one such letter providing guidance on assessment.  The attorney in this matter was interested in seeking court orders for my direct involvement with the assessment.

Ethical Violations in Forensic Psychology (Childress, 2019)

This is an essay from my blog that describes the multiple ethical code violations and failures in the duty to protect in the practice of child custody evaluations in forensic psychology.

Formal Standard 1.04 Letter of Concern to Jean Mercer, Ph.D.

Dr Mercer is not a clinical psychologist, never has been.  She is a general Experimental psychologist (a teacher).  She has never assessed, diagnosed, or treated any pathology ever in her life, nor has she ever been trained to do so.  She is now an old retired teacher who fancies herself a child protection advocate and “expert” in matters far-far beyond her professional competence.  In her false beliefs, she is inserting herself into court cases as an “expert witness” offering options that are beyond her boundaries of professional competence.

This is my formal response to Dr. Mercer’s “expert” testimony, pursuant to Standard 1.04 of the APA ethics code.

Pathogenic Parenting During Divorce: Joint vs De Facto Sole Custody (Childress, 2011)

This is an early essay I wrote about how pathogenic parenting effectively nullifies court orders for joint custody and creates the sole custody desired by the pathogenic parent.  Putting the child in the middle of spousal custody disputes works.