These are selected essays related to the Assessment & Diagnosis of AB-PA.

DSM-5 Dagnostic Formulations from Foundations. (Childress, 2015, p. 312-313).

This is the DSM-5 diagnostic formulation for an attachment-based model of “parental alienation” as described in the book, Foundations.

Essays Book: Diagnostic Indicators (Chapter 4)

This is a description of the Diagnostic Indicators of AB-PA.  It is Chapter 4 from my book Essays: The Internet Writings of Dr. Childress and this essay can also be found on my blog (Diagnostic Indicators & Associated Clinical Signs).

Treatment Focused Assessment Protocol (Childress, 2016)

This is a description of the recommended treatment-focused assessment protocol.

Recommended Assessment Protocol Statement (Childress, 2016)

This is a  another description of the recommended treatment focused assessment protocol.

Diagram of AB-PA Pathology (Childress, 2016)

This is a diagram of the AB-PA pathology, with the personality pathology represented in the middle and the attachment pathology on the sides.

DSM-5 Diagnosis of “Parental Alienation” Processes (Childress, 2013)

This is a full description of the DSM-5 diagnosis from 2013.  I’ve been saying the same thing for over five years.  From the moment the DSM-5 came out, I identified the diagnosis for the pathology.

Shared Psychotic Disorder: American Psychiatric Association (2020)

This is a handout of the relevant information from the American Psychiatric Association description of a Shared Psychotic Disorder (shared delusions)

Adjustment Disorder Diagnosis (Childress, 2012)

This is an early discussion of the Adjustment Disorder Diagnosis.

Checklist of Child Personality Disorder Symptoms (Childress, 2011)

This is a checklist of the various possible personality disorder symptoms of the parent that are displayed in the child’s symptom display.

Reference Lists

Reference List for AB-PA

This is the personal reference list of Dr. Childress for AB-PA.  Note the quotes from the relevant literature, reading these direct quotes is a good way for a mental health professional to become oriented to the scope of the pathology.

All mental health professionals treating this pathology should have read all of the material on this Reference list for professional competence.  Ignorance is not acceptable professional practice.

Reference List for Psychological Control

This is a reference list regarding the construct of parental psychological control of the child.

Reference List for Dark Triad

This is a reference list regarding the Dark Triad personality.