These essays discuss the failure of child custody evaluations.

This is an essay from my blog that describes the multiple ethical code violations and failures in the duty to protect in the practice of child custody evaluations in forensic psychology.

This essay describes the ethical violations in child custody evaluations surrounding inadequate assessment

This essay identifies the multiple failures of child custody evaluations and an alternative treatment 0riented approach.

Dr. Childress: Blogs on Child Custody Evaluations

Dr. Childress: Blogs on Alternative to Child Custody Evaluations

Example of “Standards of Practice” for Child Custody Evaluations

This is a redacted copy of a child custody evaluation I reviewed as a clinical psychology consultant.  I redacted red for original sentences and blue for direct quotes.

The forensic child custody evaluator simply recorded her interviews, had them transcribed, and then used the transcripts as the complete body of her report. She then offered a three paragraph conclusion that applied zero knowledge from professional psychology.

Note that she is a Diplomat of the American Board of Assessment Psychology.  She is considered one of their best child custody evaluators.  This is considered acceptable standard of practice in forensic child custody evaluations.  In my professional opinion, it is fraud.

This is my de-identified Standard 1.04 letter of concern to this forensic psychologist.