Venice: Dr. Childress & Dorcy Pruter – Solutions for Parental Alienation and the Family Courts

Dr. Childress and Dorcy Pruter will be describing the solution to attachment-related family pathology in high conflict divorce and the family courts.

Dr. Childress will describe the foundations of the pathology, the six session treatment focused assessment protocol, diagnosis, and the Contingent Visitation Schedule, a strategic family systems intervention.

Dorcy Pruter will describe the restoration of the child’s normal-range attachment bonding motivations through the High Road workshop and the Higher Purpose Parenting course for targeted parents designed to stabilize the child in response to the other parent’s pathology.

Dr. Childress will also describe the AB-PA pilot program for the family courts in Houston, Texas. This is a replicable model for solution in the family court system.


Jun 23 2018


09:00 AM - 04:00 PM




Park Hotel Ai Pini